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After one year Oliveda - The experience report

Ganz kurz bevor wir tief in den Bericht eintauchen: Mit dem Code "WSANJA21" erhaltet ihr bei Oliveda bis einschließlich 31.01.2021 einen Rabatt von 35%. Click hier.

Shortly before we deep dive into the report: With the code "WSANJA21" you'll get a 35% discount at Oliveda until including 31.01.2021. Click here to get to Oliveda Anzeige/Ad

Pretty much exactly a year ago I tested the Oliveda products for the first time. I started with the Facial Glow set, which consisted of F06, F07 and F09. I still have the eye cream, admittedly it is slowly coming to an end, but it is a little smoothing miracle! It conjures namely small lines and wrinkles around the eyes away.

I was then in desperate search of cosmetics that could help me to correct my blemishes, my sallow complexion and especially against my dry, but in the T-zone oily, skin. I had tested various drugstore and pharmacy products and nothing helped in depth. I have had partial success, but most products have not helped holistically.

In fact, I came across Oliveda on Instagram and have made the effort to read through many testimonials, looked at before and after photos and decided to test the products. Within the first two weeks, my skin has calmed down and the blemishes have clearly receded, were no longer inflamed. Since then I use Oliveda daily and love it.

Over the past year I have tested my way through various products from Oliveda and am final now with my absolute favorite products, which I can really recommend from the heart: F74, F42, F09 and F65. The ingredients speak for themselves: no microplastics, no hormonal substances, no fillers. But I also know every skin is different and every skin reacts differently, so you just have to test it yourself. Try it out, with the code "WSANJA21" you get 35% off all Face, Inside, Body & Hair products and sets. Let me know how you like it.

*Dieser Blogpost enthält Affiliate-Links: Falls ihr eines der oben genannten Produkte kauft, erhalte ich einen kleinen Provision. Für euch ändert sich am Preis selbstverständlich nichts.

*This blog post contains affiliate links: If you buy any of the products above, I will receive a small commission. For you, of course, nothing changes in the price.


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